Station One Farmhouse is a mother and daughter-owned company in Point Richmond, California, established in January 2016. We specialize in vintage, re-purposed and new items for the home.  We love taking well-worn pieces of furniture and turning them into treasures. We work with talented local artists to bring their products to our store.

Daughter, Nikki Villa, has had a long-running career in the creative market. From her time in design school, her work as a fashion designer, her whirlwind life as a Club Med costume designer and her work as an artist in Sausalito, she has always thrived in the creative world. It has always been a dream of Nikki’s to own her own company.

“I feel like everything I have done and learned in my life has been preparing me for this moment.” -Nikki Villa

Mother, Sheila Grovhoug, a teacher for over 30 years, has always had a creative and artistic personality. She loves creating unique and customized signs for homes and businesses, as well as giving unique pieces of furniture a new look.

“This is such a good fit for me at this time of my life and I am having a great time working with my daughter. I am in awe of her amazing business sense and talent in creative design. Each of us brings different strengths to the business.” -Sheila Grovhoug

Station One Farmhouse

(510) 778-1355
Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
145 Park Place, B
Point Richmond, CA 94801